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The Vanderbilt University Fast Track to IAIMS: Transition from Planning to Implementation

William W. Stead , Ruby Borden , John Bourne , Dario Giuse , Nunzia Giuse , T. R. Harris , Randolph A. Miller , Ann J. Olsen
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/jamia.1996.97035022 308-317 First published online: 1 September 1996


Vanderbilt University Medical Center is implementing an Integrated Advanced Information Management System (IAIMS) using a fast-track approach. The elapsed time between start-up and completion of implementation will be 7.5 years. The Start-Up and planning phases of the project are complete. The Implementation phase asks one question: How does an organization create an environment that redirects and coordinates a variety of individual activities so that they come together to provide an IAIMS? Four answers to this question are being tested. First, design resources to be “scalable”—i.e., capable of supporting enterprise-wide use. Second, provide information technology planning activities as ongoing core functions that direct local efforts. Third, design core infrastructure resources to be both reusable and expandable at the local level. Fourth, use milestones to measure progress toward selected endpoints to permit early refinement of plans and strategies.