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★ Technical Brief ★

A Data Accounting System for Clinical Investigators

T. Michael Kashner , Robert Hinson , Gloria J. Holland , Don D. Mickey , Keith Hoffman , Lisa Lind , Linda D. Johnson , Barbara K. Chang , Richard M. Golden , Steven S. Henley
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1197/jamia.M2218 394-396 First published online: 1 July 2007


Clinical investigators often preprocess, process, and analyze their data without benefit of formally organized research centers to oversee data management. This article outlines a practical three-file structure to help guide these investigators track and document their data through processing and analyses. The proposed process can be implemented without additional training or specialized software. Thus, it is particularly well suited for research projects with small budgets or limited access to viable research/data coordinating centers.

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